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Pacifying the Mind – 9 Ways To Reduce Suffering

Pacifying the mind: Nine ways to Reduce Suffering   The Sutra of Patanjali represent a predominantly atheistic and experiential reflection of the Four Vedas. The Vedas themselves are seated within Hinduism and represent four areas of: ritual; gaining and sharing of knowledge; devotion through music; and removal of that which is harmful (through lifestyle, diet […]

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Clear Minds Yoga offers a deep, rejuvenating and authentic yoga experience. Pranayama (breath work), asana (movements/poses) and sometimes sound are used to guide you back to the most stable seat of your highest self. Bringing you to the present moment in that space where the mind and body greet each other in joyous reunion. Vinyasa: A class […]

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Ayurvedic Massage

A full body and head massage. After a brief consultation to determine your individual needs, the use of various massage techniques and warmed oils are applied in order to help break down and remove toxins from the body, whilst supporting restoration of flow both physically, emotionally and energetically. Activation of vital marma points (energy centres) […]

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