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Clear Minds Yoga provides a space for acknowledgement of the individual, and development of existing capacities to assist in the reduction of stress.

In order to share our love of all things Yoga with as many people as possible we offer:

Some groups who are/have enjoyed our range of services and programs include:

Workplaces wishing to optimise the efficacy and potential of their staff.

Schools looking to encourage the growth, independence and self-esteem of their teenage students.

Social and Community groups looking for enjoyable and health-promoting activities.

Hen’s Night Packages for a fun and empowering way to celebrate femininity and friendship.

Individuals attending our yoga classes to increase clarity, develop strength and flexibility, and set aside space for their individual growth needs.

Studies have shown that engaging in mindful meditation on a daily basis (walking meditation, seated meditation, or mindful practice of Yoga) has profound and positive effects on the way our brain functions.

This includes areas of functioning such as:




Reduced anxiety

Reduced levels of stress

Increased self-esteem

Combating and prevention of depression

Overall increased emotional resilience

Decreased illness and absentee days