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Clear Minds Yoga offers a deep, rejuvenating and authentic yoga experience. Pranayama (breath work), asana (movements/poses) and sometimes sound are used to guide you back to the most stable seat of your highest self. Bringing you to the present moment in that space where the mind and body greet each other in joyous reunion.

A class of gentle flowing poses. One pose will lead you to the next as you travel deeper in to the connection between mind and body. Breath and movement synchronise as you align your mind, body and spirit.

Draws a deep attention to marrying breath with movement. This class generally involves slower movements with a focus on steadiness in both movement and breath.

Expect to use a few props (provided) to find your deepest sense of opening and relaxation in each asana – and then rest in that comfort briefly before moving on the the next pose. The focus of this class is regenerative, and is perfect for those who find sleep to be elusive, or who find themselves tired throughout the day. Restorative classes will often include a brief Yoga Nidra component.

Yoga Nidra:
The yoga of deep rest. Lie down and get comfortable. Pop a bolster under your knees. Cover up with a blanket and a softly scented eye pillow. Listen to the instructor guide your attention through the body whilst your minds moves in to a state of deep relaxation. Spending 30 minutes in a state of yoga nidra is said to be as refreshing as 4 hours of sleep! The deep relaxation experienced within a state of nidra has also been associated with increased resilience and healing.

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