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Kahuna Massage

A flowing massage that rolls over the body like a beautiful wave. Deep and yet gentle as it enhances relaxation, and instills a deep sense of peace and calm. During and following a Kahuna massage both practitioners and clients report feeling calm and steady, yet energised. For many it brings a sense of greater clarity, mobility/flexibility, and a feeling of whole-heartedness. Delivered within a gentle and supported space of nurturance and respect to enhance connection with your deepest sense of self.

Kahuna is shared along with the seven core principles of Huna philosophy:

Ike – The world is what you think it is, be aware ~ I am aware

Kala – There are no limits, we are all one ~ I am free

Makia – Energy flows where attention goes ~ I am focused

Manawa – Now is the moment of power ~ I am present

Aloha – To love is to be happy ~ I am happy

Mana – All power comes from within ~ I am confident

Pono – Effectiveness is the measure of truth ~ I am positive

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